This Is What Will Happen if You Eat Beetroot Every Day

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This Is What Will Happen if You Eat Beetroot Everyday

Beetroot has been receiving accolades recently as a superfood, with many health professionals encouraging people from all walks of life to “eat the beet.” And it makes sense. Beetroot is a plant, and gains its nutrients naturally from the earth — something that in itself will bring with it some pretty powerful stuff.

But, what if you incorporate this vegetable into your everyday diet? Will you become superhuman? Maybe … maybe not. Even so, some pretty super things could very well happen to your body to help it work better than it has before. Here are some of those things:

Your athletic performance will improve

1. Your athletic performance will improve

OK, so, while you may not be scaling buildings, picking up cars or flying your body over major cities, if you consume beetroot the daily, research has found that you will have improved athletic performance.

In fact, a study was published in “Nutrients — Open Access Journal of Human Nutrition” where researchers sought to find the effects of beetroot juice supplementation in the cardio endurance in athletes. In the study, beetroot juice was used as a daily supplement, and the results found that chronic supplementation with beetroot juice may improve cardio performance at the anaerobic threshold and VO2max intensities.

It was further noted that the juice should be taken within 90 min before the athletic effort to ensure that the juice works at its peak level which happens within 2–3 h after ingestion.

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